Presenting the Writer’s Stance on the Argument

When the word “argument” comes to our mind what do you picture? Two red faced people speaking loudly with dramatic gestures. This is because face to face arguments are very emotional and directly relates to the people involved. These arguments can be done with zero verbalization of your emotions too.
This style of paper writing is self-explanatory, it is centered around an argument. The special feature of this is that the argument is in writing. This means you have to write your argument and prove it with written points and evidence. Since arguments are normally heated, you should be careful in what you are writing and to write it in such a way which attracts the reader and make him understand that your argument is correct.


Essay structure

As every other essay, this type too has to depend upon a proper structure. An introduction followed by the thesis statement, three or four paragraphs about your argument and the conclusion at the end. First you should choose a topic. Remember that your topic should be arguable. It should be debatable. The topic should address a key issue which has two conflicting points of view and, different conclusions. Once you selected your topic you should prepare a list of points for both sides of the argument. As an example for the topic “Are criminals born or made”, you may have points for both sides as criminals are made or they are born. But you need to state your stance on the argument and bring in solid evidence such as data, examples, expert opinion etc, to support and validate the point you are making. Drafting a good outline will be the final task in your pre-writing process.
The first paragraph should contain a brief explanation of your topic followed by the thesis statement and some background information for the reader to understand the plot. The next three paragraphs should contain details about your argument.You should explain both sides of the argument and then present one side of your own viewpoint and give reasons for why your point of view is correct. This should be supported with valid examples. Examples should be well researched, accurate and, detailed. You may use statistics, anecdotal stories, news articles and information form the internet to back you up on your argument. When shaping an argument, you will have to explain why your belief is logical and reasonable. The conclusion is where you sum up all your points, and reiterate the argument. This is the final chance you have in telling the reader why they should agree with your point of view.
So in this type of academic writing your primary goal is to make your reader understand that your point of view is correct and it is not assumptions but you have examples to prove it.

Keep the following in mind when writing an argumentative paper:

• Avoid emotional language and dialogue
• Do not provide assumed details as evidence
• When providing evidence, mention the source
• Always make a logical conclusion and not an emotional conclusion

Few simple topics for argumentative essays:

• Engaging in competitive sports from small age is not healthy for children
• Television has detrimental impact on society
• Internet is useful if used properly
For more extensive collection of topic lists, please visit the sample gallery section of the web site.