Many students would have heard of and watched the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. It is a story of the mathematics genius John Nash, and his overcoming of schizophrenia and going on to win the 1994 Nobel Prize for economics.

Students who have not watched the movie are advised to do so before embarking on the task of writing “A Beautiful Mind” paper.


This is a true story based on a great mathematician and his life. Although it may not sound interesting to many students, it is a movie that enthralled many. The plot of the story may be emotional and deeply complex, however, it is worth watching. A Beautiful Mind was directed by award winning director Ron Howard. The main characters of the movie are played by Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connolly. John Nash is a schizophrenic.

However, he is also a genius. The movie shows us the bravery of John Nash and the love and understanding he receives from his wife in order for him to become a Nobel Prize winner. While in college, in Princeton, John Nash befriends his roommate, Charles Herman. On completion of his college education, John becomes a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this time the Pentagon approaches John and he becomes an encryption expert and an agent. This causes him to become the target of the Russians. All this is in John Nash’s mind. The movie goes on to show Nash’s courage where he accepts these as hallucinations and moves on with his life.


There are various aspects you can consider when selecting a suitable essay topic. You can describe John Nash and his personality. You can also consider how he was perceived by his peers and teachers. You can also write about John Nash and his interest in mathematics.
You can address questions such as when did he develop the interest in mathematics, how did he handle this interest and what the outcome was. You can also consider writing a description on one of the characters in the movie. The most common characters to consider would be John and his wife. You can even write about both of them and his wife’s love and support of John. An opinion paper can be written on your stance toward the movie. Do you think it was good? Do you think it could have been done better?