Select a Character that Enables you to Write an Exemplary Paper!


This assignment is an essential part of your literature studies. You will read the text and will be expected to select a character and write a paper on it. If you possess good analytical and thinking skills, along with eloquence in writing, your task will be slight. However, for a majority, advice on how to create this type of paper becomes invaluable. Let’s review the details!



The most significant part is choosing a character. Keep in mind to avoid selecting a boring one. It should be decent and interesting both to you and the reader. Therefore, be very careful with your choice. Sometimes, your text may be the most boring piece you have ever read. However, even this may present a persona who will add a little excitement. If you empathize with a certain character in the text and understand the hurdles he/she went throught this might be a good choice.

Your affinity will reflect in your work, adding an extra dimension to what you write. Once you have selected a persona, think about what makes him/her unique. Consider the good or bad of the person as well as their purpose and influence of the reader. These are some of the factors you should consider on selection stage.

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Writing a character essay is very similar to that of writing an analysis paper. It requires you to analyse person’s ideas, manners, understanding their actions etc. You should also try and understand what makes the person who he/she is. You can start creating a paper once you have a good understanding of this specific person and describe the details. What does he/she look like?

You can also provide your opinion as to how the character could have been improved by doing things differently or compare him/her to other personalities (real-life or fiction).