Apply Your Comparison Skills Used on a Daily Basis, to Write your Compare and Contrast Essay



When you write this type of paper, you need to have two or more objects or subjects. How will you be able to compare and contrast one object? What will you relate and oppose it to? This essay requires you to find the differences and similarities . The best way to do this is to list down the differences in one side of a paper and similarities in the other.


Once the list is complete, and you have a sufficient amount them, select the ones you wish to discuss in your paper. Then you can begin the prewriting stage, cohesiveness can be obtained with the creation of an outline.


This type of writing can be done using two formats. For example, if you are comparing and contrasting two works of art by the same artist you can do so by comparing the two works of art in the first half and contrasting them in the latter. Each comparison and contrast should consist of examples that will prove the similarities and differences. This is referred to as the block format.


The other format is the point by point format. In this manner, you will present the similarities and differences of the two works of art, simultaneously. However, every paragraph should include similarities and differences of only one point. An essential point to note; you should be consistent with the same format. Never change the format in the middle of the paper.


Whatever format used, you will have to use words such as “similar”, “like”, “also”, “on the other hand”, “in addition”, “to” etc. These words will help to connect your sentences in a clear manner. The same is applicable to the paragraphs. Each paragraph must flow from one to the next. This is called transition. There should not be sudden beginnings that will leave the reader confused, proper transition between sentences and words is essential for a high grade.