It can be written on any subject that you wish. For example, you can write a paper of this nature about a person, a place, an event, an object, a thing, an experience or a memory or even a dream. This style is also useful to form the foundation of a review paper. Let’s take an in-depth look!



Most students do not know the main aim of creating this type of writing assignment. Because of their ignorance, they provide an argument or opinion about the subject. This is not the primary objective. This paper merely describes something and your reader may not know anything about the subject you have selected. To make your point clear you need to have a thorough knowledge about the topic selected and a hands on experience on it.


You may opt for objective or subjective paper style. Objective paper provides the reader with a clear idea about the topic and proves this with a few facts. Subjective one is written with a personal touch. This requires being creative or artistic.



There are five important elements that should be incorporated into your descriptive paper. These are the five senses of

• Touch
• Taste
• Sight
• Sound
• Smell


• Describing a Person – “He had a weathered, wrinkled face that spoke of years of hard labor. The wrinkles hid the perfect sky blue of his eyes that hinted of kindness and compassion and a life of pain. The nose although broken, would have been quite straight and added the look or aristocracy to his features. The hair was gray and was full of lice, although the actual color of charcoal black was evident in some areas. The clothes on his back smelled of moldy food and sweat. However, it was evident that, at some point, these clothes were stitched by a highly skilled seamstress”.


• Describing a Place – “It was the most beautiful place on the face of the Earth. The greenery, the riot of colors of flowers, and the mix of blue that blended the sky and water were breathtaking. The sound of the trees moving in rhythm to the wind was so soothing that it would have put a baby to sleep in minutes. The smell of the water was both refreshing and invigorating and invited me in for a dip. I could taste the salt of the sea and something more that I cannot put my mind around. The sand beneath my feet was warm and smooth and invited a person to simply lie back and take in the warmth of the sun”.