Ok, so you have been given a very interesting writing assignment. The rainforests are a big topic these days with all the destruction going on. You may wonder what to highlight in your paper. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few topics you can select:


Only 6% of the earth’s surface is covered by rainforests. However, although it is a small percentage, more than half of the earth’s plant and animal species live in these rainforests. If you are writing your essay in this manner, you can mention the number of rainforests in the world, their animals and their habitats, the fauna and flora and everything in between. Be sure to stick to a limit on the word count that you can manage which enables you to include all the names of the rainforests and the animals and plants that reside in these areas.


Most of the rainforests in the world are being destroyed for various purposes. They are being cleared for agricultural purposes, fuel, mining and logging among others. So much of the rainforests are destroyed and nothing is being done about it. You can try and persuade the reader to do something about the destruction of the rainforests. Consider to mention, in detail, all the ways the rainforests are being destroyed and write about the loss of habitat for the animals and plant life in these areas. You can also highlight how the destruction is contributing to global warming.


The deforestation of the rainforests has a significant impact on everything. You can compose a paper on the impact and include things like loss of habitat, loss of biodiversity, water, and the social impact of deforestation. For example, the animal population will recede because animals have no place to live. This means certain animals and plants become extinct. Many parts of South America rely on the rains guided by the winds through the Amazon, for agriculture. When there are no rains, crops will die and it will result in famine.


As there is a number of plant lives in the rainforests, it is no surprise that some of these plants have high medicinal properties. The number of medicinal plants growing in the rainforests is believed to be in the thousands. These include Guarana, a stimulant, Lapacho, a remedy for many ailments including cancer, and Cat’s Claw a remedy for cancer and AIDS. You can write an informative essay on the many medicinal plants found in the rainforests.

As you can see, crafting a paper on rainforests is not all that difficult. All you need is a good topic and you are good to go!