Are you Ready to Write your Evaluation Essay?



The word “evaluation” means the examination and judgement of a process, subject or object. It means the collection and analysis of data in order to form an idea. The same theories and practices come into play when writing this type of paper. It can be written about many things that include books, movies and even TV programs. Here are some tips to make things easier for you.

In this type of writing assignment, you are evaluating two alternatives or one particular subject. Your final judgement of the subject of evaluation is summed after appraising these factors carefully. This is not so in persuasive or argumentative papers. Here, you are usually clear on your judgment or position which you will prove correct with evidence and justifications.


The topic you select should enable you to analyze it on several parameters. It should be introduced at the beginning of the paper in the introduction. Then, you should inform the reader what you will be doing with this topic. For example, state that you will be providing the merits and demerits of the subject being evaluated etc. Some topics that you can consider are

• Evaluation of the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton
• Evaluating American Idol or The Voice
• Evaluating the best movie you have ever watched
• Write a review on a swimming pool or gymnasium in your area
• Evaluate the difference between watching something on TV and seeing it for real
• Evaluate the difference between online dating and “real” dating
• Evaluate the role that money plays in politics
• Write a review on the prison system as an effective deterrent against crime
• Write a review on the effect of the media in politics


One of the most important factors, now that you have a topic, is to remain impartial at all times. Whatever topic you write about, it is vital that you not let the reader know how you feel about the subject. If you give the reader the impression that you have taken a side, your arguments and justifications will be considered invalid. Therefore, avoid writing in an opinionated manner.

Finally, don’t forget; the essay conclusion should summarize all the points you have made and state your final judgement. If you have built your arguments properly, it will be clear to the reader by the time you arrive at the conclusion.
So, this is the way to write an evaluation essay. We suggest you go through one or two essay samples before proceeding so that you have a good understanding of paper requirements.