Since the beginning of time, men and women have been given certain roles to play in life. Although nothing is written in stone, it has become the norm over the years. For example, the man was automatically deemed the far superior and, therefore, the most able to support the family. The woman was considered the weaker sex and was to stay at home and keep the family happy and content. Although things have changed drastically over the years, and men and women are considered quite equal today, there are many factors to consider if you are assigned such writing assignment. Check out these 3 tips:


When you think about it, several factors are responsible for shaping the gender roles. For example, social and cultural factors play a significant role in the role each gender plays. Sometimes, a child’s upbringing makes an impact it. A parent or caregiver will do all the things necessary to ensure a child discovers his/her gender and goes accordingly. A girl will be given dolls to play with, while boys will be given balls. Then, girls will be told they should not play or do certain things because they are girls and vice versa for boys. All these factors shape the way a child feels. You may opt for descriptive or opinion paper in this regard.


This is another way to compose a paper that can be done as an argumentative essay. Men, until recently, were considered the better sportsmen. This was ingrained in the females too and they were considered less able to play sports than men. Is there really a difference in how women and men play the same sport? Although the answer may be in the affirmative, there is proof that women and men both excel equally well in the same sports. Although the physical capabilities may be limited, sports-wise there is not much difference. You may need to look into various ways of getting your point across to the reader. You may describe several examples where men and women reached equal results in sports.


Girls are expected to act a certain way and boys another. If a boy acts like a girl he will be called a “sissy” or a “pansy”. If a girl acts like a boy, she will be called a “tomboy” or worse. You can write a persuasive paper where you try and persuade your reader to stop these expectations placed on girls and boys and let them live free and learn to express themselves as they should.