Do you Know How to Write a Narrative Essay?



narrative essay tells a story about a significant experience or event in your life. It is somewhat similar to that of writing a life story essay,although a life story essay will discuss various aspects of your life and this essay will speak about one significant experience.

Many of you would consider writing this essay an easy task. “How difficult could it be to write about yourself, or an event you had experience…” right? Thinking this way may lead you astray and leave you with a mediocre essay. It’s best to give due respect to this type of assignment. Let us put it this way. It is an interesting essay but still not a cake walk. So, here are 5 essential tips that you need to consider when writing a narrative essay.

1. What is your Point? – These essays are not just written about an experience. They need to also describe what you learned from this experience. This is your point, and it has to be clearly stated at the beginning of the essay and the end. For example, your essay starter will be “When I was 12 my parents decided to divorce, and this aspect changed my life”. This starter informs the reader about the contents of the essay. The ending should circle back to this starter. For example, “So, the divorce enlightened me and let me understand that I am strong and can overcome any obstacle”.

2. Add Plenty of Descriptions – A strong narrative essay involves the reader in the story. The best way to accomplish this is to describe your surroundings as vividly as possible. Describe the people, the place, and events and include as many sensory details as possible. However, avoid describing each and every movement you make and each and every item you pass along the way while making that movement. Here’s a good example of proper descriptions. “The cold wind froze my face and howled terribly in my ears. The white snow was totally blinding and I could feel all sensation leaving my toes”. You can bring in speech quotes to make the descriptions more vivid.

3. Write in the First Person – This is one of the most important factors of writing an essay of this type. A good essay writer knows this essay needs to be written in the first person. This provides a feeling of intimacy to the reader. It makes the reader feel as if you are personally telling him the story. Many students make the mistake of slipping to the second-person narrative. Never use “you” when writing this essay. It should always be “I”.

4. Proper Organization is a Key Factor – A good essay written in the narrative form is one that is organized in the proper way. This enables the reader to clearly understand the sequence of events, as well as, the purpose. Narrate the story in a logical manner and make sure the reader understands the importance of your story. Ensure your transitions make proper sense to the reader and conclude with a powerful final paragraph that leaves the reader enthralled.

Writing a narrative essay is an interesting task. It is a task that enables you to write freely within reason. If you need topic ideas or samples of essays, you can visit our sample gallery and obtain information on how to write your essay.