Express Your Stance on a Subject with a Well Written Opinion Essay


How do we express our point of view? “By explaining why we agree or disagree to the subject and supporting our views with examples and plenty of reasoning” might be your answer. And we will say, “Precisely”.



This type of writing assignment expresses the writer’s personal point of view on a particular subject with the support of reasons and examples. The writer can express his view in a convincing manner, yet, do not aim to convert the reader to believe or agree with the same stance, as done in the case of persuasive or argumentative writing. The main aim is to explain the reader what is the writer’s point of view on the subject and why he or she holds it.


The first step is to decide on a topic which you have strong feelings for. When you have a strong personal opinion on a matter, there will be plenty of reasoning for you to provide as justifications. Once you decide on the topic, you should start collecting facts to support your view point. You can look for details in newspapers, journals, books, and from websites. Coming up with an appropriate outline will complete your pre-writing phase.

When drafting a paper you should follow the standard structure. This includes an introduction, three or more body paragraphs and the conclusion. The introduction should contain the thesis statement. In other words, you should state the topic clearly on which the entire argument or the convincing reason is based on so the reader knows what is on his way while reading. The reader must be informed about your opinion toward the topic from the beginning of the paper.

The second, third, fourth and any other body paragraphs should contain your points of view about the topic with valid and authentic facts and other evidence. Provide enough examples, facts, explanations and quotes as well as testimonials, this can add interest and increase the value to the reader. Every paragraph should have a convincing reason or an argument as well as a logical explanation which will lead to the next paragraph. You may use phrases such as “I’m convinced that”, “I firmly believe”, “According to my knowledge”, “As for the statistics provided” and “in my opinion” which are common and appropriate phrases for this type of works.

The conclusion is where you sum up all what you have said. It should have a strong end with a powerful statement saying that you firmly believe in your opinion on the subject and that it is well justified.



• Write in a formal manner.
• Introduce the topic very clearly.
• Use quotations.
• Mention clear topic sentences.
• Don’t use colloquial expressions.
• Don’t use emotional terms.
• Don’t be too personal when giving examples.
• If you don’t have proper statistics don’t use them in your paper.
• Don’t expose too much information about your personal life.
• Don’t go off the topic with the arguments.