The Primary Goal of your Paper is to Persuade through Sound Evidence



Your academic writing needs to benefit from your powers of persuasion. The basis of it is in using persuasive reasoning to make the reader agree with the viewpoint being presented in the paper.

How do you persuade the reader to agree with your viewpoint? To answer this, you can contemplate on what you would do if you faced a situation where you are to persuade someone verbally. When we want to make someone buy a product, join a charity, support a cause, or agree to fund a project, you will be using a persuasive tone in your discussion. You will be ready with your facts and evidence that can be used to support the validity of your point. So, the same practice has to be applied in to writing this kind of an paper as well.

 For example, take abortion as your topic. You might start by stating that abortion is wrong and it is murder. However, your reader might be thinking the opposite. Your reader will think that the woman has a right to choose. You will be able to change the reader’s mind and agree with your theory if you produce valid evidence to support it.

Therefore, you need to conduct thorough research and gather as much information that will support your theory. These evidences should be from a mix of sources that are authentic and respected. For instead than just stating that abortion is murder, you can state that the foetus has a heart beat from 4 weeks onwards and provide a citation to a published biology book.



Just like other paper types, your writing should include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. So if you are writing about abortion, your thesis statement should be that abortion is murder and it is wrong. However, your introduction will begin by providing a brief background detail about abortion and stating clearly the thesis statement.

The body paragraphs will provide the proof. It is always better to have more than one or two points that support your theory. Each argument should have separate paragraph dedicated to prove a single point. You should provide as many examples as possible which will help to sway the reader’s mind a bit more with every paragraph. Make sure that your sentences are clear and simple. We don’t want to muddle up the reader with jaded words and complicated sentences.
Finally, the conclusion should restate the thesis, just to remind the reader as to why you are stating these points, and then further convince the reader with your words. However, do not add any new information at this point. This is the end of the essay and, as a result, should signify this to the reader.


Persuasive paper topics are all around us. Depending on the course module, the appropriate and relevant topics should be chosen. Here are just a few to consider.
• Capital punishment is necessary.
• Are school uniforms really necessary?
• The driving age should be 21 and not 18.
• Is offering fast food to high school students a good example of healthy living?
• Abortion should be legal all over the world.
• Why should talking on the cell phone when driving be illegal?