Post Writing – It is as Critical as Writing



Once you finish the conclusion paragraph in your essay, you are bound to be feeling drained and tired. Most often you will be putting down your pen or shutting off your laptop, thinking that is the end to your essay assignment. Most of the time, even if it is a short essay, most students cannot wait to get it over with. However, essay writing does not end at the writing stage.


There is one more important phase to attend to and, this is the post writing. What do we mean by post writing phase in essay writing? It comprises of a number of essential activities that you need to attend to, once you complete writing your essay. Ideally, you should set aside the first draft for a day or at least few hours before you start the post writing phase. But if you are facing a short time frame, this can be ignored and, you can move straight on to editing the work. This includes, editing, proofing, and fine tuning the writing.


Formatting the paper, the reference list and the citations should be done as per the writing style stated in the assignment. A good knowledge of APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago etc. styles will help you complete the post writing much faster.

Here are some useful tips to apply for your post writing phase in essay writing.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing your essay includes a number of aspects.


Structure – you need to first of all check the flow and structure of the essay.


There should be a clear introduction, a body and a conclusion and these must be linked to each other properly. A disjointed essay will not impress a reader while a one that flows smoothly, with transition sentences linking a paragraph to the other, will.


Grammar and Spelling – when you are editing, read through and correct the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.


Title -when you are editing the essay, fine tune the title to reflect the content. Make it short, concise, catchy and reflective of what you have written.


Citations and referencing -an important part of editing is to comply with the formatting styles such as APA or MLA that has been assigned for the essay. The sources of content that you have cited in the essay need to be referenced properly. The reference list should be finalized and organized in alphabetical order and formatted as per specified style.

Get a third-party opinion

If you are writing an important essay that has a lot riding on it, then get a third party opinion. Sometimes, you may have unfortunately, misread the assignment instructions and written an essay that does not answer the essay question. In such circumstances, another reader can detect this much easily than the writer himself. Identifying it even at this late stage is better than submitting an essay that is off course from the assigned task.

Submit as per instructions and by the deadline

This may sound obvious but, different assignments have different submission instructions. Most needs to be word processed and printed in white A4 paper with 1” margins and submitted without bounding. But in other cases, essays need to be submitted in digital format. Read these requirements carefully to ensure timely submission and avoiding penalties.


Hopefully, it is obvious to you now, that writing essays does not end at writing the first draft. It needs few important fine tuning steps that make up the post-writing phase. Adhere to the full essay writing process and you are bound to receive its benefits.