This type of paper interests many students as its aim is to find a problem and come up with solutions that help to solve it. Before you jump headlong into the project, it has to be mentioned that the problems and solutions you consider should be viable and practical to gain the interest of the reader.

It should be possible to implement them in practice and expect a valid result. Therefore, to make your task a bit easier, we will lend you a helping hand in learning how to come up with this type of assignment.


Environmental pollution is a global issue that is often discussed. It is a problem that deserves a quick, effective solution. You may have already written many global warming papers and provided countless ideas on overcoming it. However, there are many other aspects involved in environmental pollution that is less addressed. You can write about how you would solve the noise pollution, garbage dumping, toxic dumping, water pollution etc. Will it be by ensuring the implementation of carbon tax or by stopping the emission of industrial gases into the atmosphere? Your assignment may suggest how to prevent dumping of garbage, how to conserve water, how to protect virgin forests, control of vehicle emissions etc. These solutions are more interesting to follow as the reader will be able to picture your part in solving this issue.


This is another excellent method of producing this paper. Poverty is an issue that is prevalent in the world today. Hunger is a result of poverty. What is your solution to solving these two? As a way out, will you consider the doubling of aid to third world countries, reducing the prices of foods, increasing wages, etc. Don’t you think it will fix symptoms only but not the deep rooted causes such as low living standards with high birth rates, low education etc. Would better education systems and family planning awareness help break this vicious cycle?


Another issue that requires fixing is teen pregnancies. When you sit down to write the paper in this manner,first of all you should identify the reasons for teen pregnancies. Is it lack of education, lack of care or lack of attention that drives teenagers to consider intercourse without protection? What do you think? You can talk about educating teenagers on the effects of unprotected sex in teen years, the lives affected through this issue and how best to overcome it. Discuss the importance of safe sex not only to prevent teen pregnancies but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

This is just three ways of writing such type of assignment. There are many ways to address it including solving the issue of teenage drinking, domestic violence, car accidents, racial prejudice, illegal immigration etc.